Get a more lifted, larger-than-life lash look.

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Get instant beautification with the Designer Series Lash Curler. Its innovative design concentrates the curl at the center of the eye for a more lifted, eye-opening look and a curl that lasts all day. Fits most eye shapes. Its top-notch craftsmanship and innovation elevates your beauty routine and instantly delivers the results you want.
  • Get a more lifted, larger-than-life lash look.
  • Uniquely curved to lift and curl lashes at the center of your eyes.
  • Finger grips for a comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • Removable + replaceable.
  • New neutral glam look!
  • Start with clean lashes, prior to mascara application.
  • Position the eyelash curler’s pads near the base of your upper lashes and rest the stabilizing bar on your cheek, avoiding your eyelid.
  • Gently (but firmly) squeeze the handles of the eyelash curler together for 5 seconds and release.