Accurately trim + shape brows to perfection

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Get instant beautification with the Designer Series Brow Set. This scissor + spoolie brush duo trims, shapes and grooms your eyebrows to perfection—safely, cleanly and accurately. The multifunctional spoolie brush can be used for daily grooming, to comb brows into place for trimming, or to blend after filling with brow pencil. Its top-notch craftsmanship and innovation elevates your beauty routine and instantly delivers the results you want.
  • Brow set includes scissors and spoolie brush.
  • Small scissors safely, cleanly and accurately trim + shape brows to perfection
  • Extra control: larger finger loops fit almost all finger sizes.
  • New design: neutral glam look!
  • Comb your eyebrow hairs up with the spoolie brush and hold them in place. Use your eyebrow scissors to snip at only the longest hairs.
  • PRO TIP: Take small, staggered snips as you go (instead of cutting across the brow in a straight line) to create a more natural brow look