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Don't sweat the small stuff! Our blunt-tip men's grooming scissors let you snip safely in tight areas like inside nostrils and ears and around your mouth.
  • The wide, rounded tips on our men's grooming scissors won't poke or prick skin in delicate spots, while sharp blades ensure a clean cut
  • Gentle enough for trimming sensitive and hard-to-reach areas like inside the nose and ears and near lips
  • Ergonomically designed for men's hands
  • No-slip grips inside the handle give you better control
  • Revlon Lifetime Guarantee™
  • Before each use, wipe down the tip and blades of our facial hair scissors with rubbing alcohol to clean them
  • To use as a nose-hair trimmer, stand in front of a mirror in good lighting, then pull up your nose tip with your finger and smile, which lets you see inside your nostrils better
  • Next, slowly and carefully trim any extra-long hairs, inserting the scissors only slightly inside your nostrils
  • For ear hair removal, snip only the overgrown hairs you can see while looking in the mirror; never stick the blades inside your ears
  • Don't remove all your nose and ear hairs, which help protect against dust and allergens—just trim any obvious, long hairs sticking out